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  “Engineering Computer Center Vector” («ECC Vector») is created on the base of Computer Technologies Center “Vector” (ECC Vector) is operating at Maritime State University named after admiral G. I. Nevelskoy since 1997, specializes on design of technologies of computer-aided system and automation of educational process.

Primary objectives: 

  • Design of technologies of computer-aided system.

  • Design of technologies of automation of educational process.

  • Adaption of information technologies in engineering design, education, business management, technical operation of transport.

 Primary strands of work:

  • Automation of design process of mechanical system at the engineering companies and at businesses.

  • Automation of educational process at any educational institution on base of computer-aided training organization system. (CATOS)

  • Consulting service at the next fields:

  • automation of design process of mechanical system

  • automation of educational process

  • automation of business management process

  • automation of process of transport’s maintenance

  • Education by the basic and original programs. Primary strands of training:

  • ADS and graphics

  • information technologies in education

  • computer competence

  • office PC

  • Web-design   

Suggested services:

  • Formation of the unified educational environment based on CATOS Cobra

  • Organization of computer classes

  • Design of information environments for any disciplines based on CATOS Cobra

  • Adaption ADS at the engineering companies and at businesses.

  • Consulting on the questions:

  • using CATOS Cobra in the educational process

  • works with information environments

  • using ADS in the engineering design

  • using TRIM system in the business management

  • using TRIM system in process of transport’s maintenance

  • Analysis and diagram work.

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