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Engineering computer centre Vector is a small innovative enterprise, was built up at 24 December 2008 through the program START of The Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises.

The organization of the company lies on the scientific and practical base, which was beginning to create more than 20 years ago. The computer-aided educational system COBRA (Control, Education, Analysis), which was the base for computer-aided training organization system (CTOS) COBRA was made in the late 80's on the Department of Mechanics of machines and CAD (in those days this department was called "Theory of Mechanisms and Machines and Machine elements").

Centre of computer technologies Vector was built up in 1997. Employees of CCT Vector had created different software which used for calculation of kinematic and dynamic parameters of mechanisms with different complexity, had improved the technologies of teaching of engineering disciplines: theory of mechanisms and machines, machine elements and principles of design, applied mechanics, CAD and etc., had researched the effectiveness of computer technology in engineering education, had connected with other centers. Scientific papers were presented at many forums in Russia and abroad.  more, (рус, de)

The software of CCT Vector, the APM system, the software of other developers were plugged in into the COBRA and traditional educational technology which unleashes the reproductive, cognitive activity reorganized into creative which unleashes the search, cognitive activity.

Nomenclature and functionality of the developed software is constantly expanding. The system CTOS COBRA allows organizing the learning process, not only in engineering but also in any other disciplines.

Employees of CCT Vector convey best experience of innovative technologies on different training courses (more than 15 subjects): work in various software systems, using of computer-aided systems in engineering design, in educational work. more

Products and services of our company continue to improve. The project "Informatization of the educational process on the base of computer classes" is relevant because its goal is to create a single educational information environment through an educational institution of any level and affiliation.

Innovative technologies of education, particularly engineering education are needed to improve training qualify of highly knowledgeable specialist who will live in work in the future.

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Article of prof. V.V. Kuzlyakina about modern approaches to teaching general professional disciplines of engineering is added.

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