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Visual Structure Editor

Dedicated editor

of structuring and visualization

of linkage diagrams

Software VSE is destined for structuring diagrams and definition of kinematic parameters of linkage the second group and any degree of complexity.

VSE allows:

  • to compose diagrams of linkage the second group and any degree of complexity on the base of generalized structural modules.

  • to designate location of mechanismís links, locus of basic and additional points.

  • to designate analog of velocities and accelerations of links, basic and additional points.

  • to designate diagram of mechanism in dynamics.

  • to designate results of kinematic search in the form of tables and graphics.

  • to export results of calculation to other systems CAD, CAE.

VSE is used on designing of new mechanisms and searching current one. The system can be used in work of development laboratories and also in educational process while course designing on Theory of Mechanisms and Machines, rational mechanics, special disciplines.

VSE is used to organize the educational process more than 10 years, has a document of registration, many times presented at conferences, symposia and exhibitions of regional, national and international level, the system is awarded with diplomas.


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