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Computer-aided design of machines

APM WinMachine

Software system APM WinMachine is addressed to companies, businesses and independent specialists who work in different branches of machine industry, building industry and in consecutive areas. It allows solving the most part of problems in designing and design of machine, mechanisms and constructions.

 Complex APM includes systems:

APM Civil Engineering - CAD/CAE system of computer-aided design of construction project for civilian and industrial designation.


The stadium for winter sports was designed with this system.


APM WinMachine - CAD/CAE system of automated analysis and designing of machining facility. more

Hopper car was designed with this system.


APM complex is used by the largest plants of different branches of engineering, producer and energy companies, construction departments, research studies institutes, leading technical universities and higher education institutions of Russia as well as some foreign companies and educational institutions. This complex is indispensable for teaching students of mechanical and construction specialties, as well as on the advanced training for engineering and technical specialties. more

 The system was developed by collective of SIO APM under the supervision of D.Sc. V.Shelophast. ECC Vector offers complex on the terms dealership

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